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Soleri Group, transformer division, is currently handling following operations;

  1. Manufacturing of New transformers
  2. Repair of different rating transformers
  3. Refurbishing of used transformers
  4. Preventive maintenance & Servicing of transformers at site

Manufacturing of New Transformers

Our transformers are designed for continuous operation; self cooled for tropical climates, and are suitable for indoor and outdoor installation. Manufacturing is based on client provided specifications in accordance with International standards like IEC 60076 or Equivalent. A team of highly professional and dedicated Engineers and skilled workers strive day and night to maintain high standards of Excellence for commercial and industrial clients.

  • Design Ambient temperature: 40°C to 50°C or special requirement
  • Power Rating: up to 10MVA
  • Voltage level: up to 36KV, BIL 170KV
  • Insulation Class: A, F, H
  • Frequency: 50, 60 Hz or 50/60Hz
  • Type of Cooling: AF, ONAN, ONAF
  • Taps: As per IEC ±2.5%, ±5% or as per client requirement

Major types are given below:

  • Furnace Transformers
  • Auto Transformers
  • Dry type Transformers
  • Distribution Transformers
  • Special purpose Transformers
  • Generator Transformers
  • Station Auxiliary Transformers
  • Motor starting Transformers
  • Earthing Transformers
  • Double Ratio Transformers
  • Voltage regulating Transformers
  • Isolating Transformers to secure sensitive loads

Repair of Different Rating Transformers

Faulty Transformers are being examined by experience Engineers & detail reclaim solution is provided in this regard, all repair transformers are sent back to customer after successful testing & warranty.

Refurbishing of Used Transformers

As the transformers deteriorate throughout their lifecycle so refurbishing package is offered for used transformers which enhance their operational life & reliability.

Preventative Maintenance & Servicing of Transformers at Site

Soleri Group offer wide range of transformer maintenance servicing at site which include

  • Transformer Oil sampling
  • Transformer Oil dehydration Live or Off circuit
  • Changing of HT, LT seals & Main Gasket
  • Silica gel filling
  • New Transformer Oil supply as per client requirement
  • Tap changer Repair
  • Replacing protection devices
  • Supply of any transformer spare
  • Transformer fault diagnosis